Photo: Kate Hennesey


Please feel free to email, text or simply phone up for a chat. Cindylou will contact you as soon as possible to discuss details and dates, usually within 24 hours. Once a date, content and fee have been agreed a contract will then be sent to you to sign.


Just as every storytelling event is unique so is the cost. Cindylou operates a sliding scale of fees (plus expenses) dependent on preparation time, number and length of stories, size of audience and of-course your budget. Please contact Cindylou directly to discuss your requirements further.


Fees for schools usually start from £300 per day plus expenses. Small schools sometimes join together with other schools in their cluster/confederation to share space and expenses. Half days are possible for schools in Greater Manchester and the Peaks. If your budget is limited please do get in touch and let’s see what we can do.


Cindylou runs workshops for both children and staff, on using oral storytelling to raise standards across the curriculum, raise standards in writing and Improving pupil wellbeing/engagement. If you have disengaged children and want to use your PP funding to get real results then why not get in touch? All workshops are bespoke for each setting. Please contact Cindylou to discuss your particular needs.

​All training comes with referenced supporting materials if required, suggested further reading etc.