Storytelling for Adults

Photo: Jean Johnson-Jones

Storytelling for Adults

Whether you are tucked up in the inglenook of a welsh pub, seated in a warm hall or crammed into a spacious marquee, Cindylou will transport you to distant worlds with stories that combine the ancient and the modern. Real life contemporary tales are spliced with ancient wisdom to create a powerful taste of human experience.

Cindylou is a very special performance storyteller. Her eyes sparkle with mischief and passion; she bubbles with fun and laughter, yet combines fierce energy with tenderness and compassion. Her kind, warm nature makes her stories perfect for vulnerable audiences such as those with diverse health needs, those recovering from trauma or those with learning difficulties.

Cindylou can be heard telling stories in… Storytelling Clubs, Festivals, Pubs, Residential Homes, Churches, Private functions and Community Groups.

Current shows include:

Whispering Warriors – tales of the quiet ‘unsung heroines’… that change the world.

Sawdust and Silk – a true life Cinderella Tale set in 1940’s England.

Tales from the Meeting House – Quaker Myths and Legends as you have never heard them before.

Love and Light – A warm hug of tales about life, light and love, perfect for those dark nights.

Bees Galore – sizzling summer stories of things that go buzz.